PreSite: Cane River Creole National Historical Park Curation Facility and the Natchitoches Preservation Network

Cane River Creole National Historical Park Curation Facility

1. Resources Consulted

NCPTT, “Join us Aug. 11 for Preservation in Your COmmunity LIVE on USTREAM,” available from, “Cane River Creole,” available from

Cane River Heritage Area, “Cane River Creole National Historical Park,” available from

2. Location

400 Rapides Dr
Natchitoches, LA 71457

3. Owner/manager

The CRCNHP is owned and operated by the National Park Service.

Mrs. Laura Gates is the superintendent and Dustin Fuqua is the Museum Technician and manages the curation facility.

4. Site Description

The curation facility is currently housed in a leased building which was a former restuarant. It holds collections from Magnolia and Oakland Plantations which are components of the CRCNHP. The artifacts from these collections are conserved, identified, cataloged, and labeled. While some of the artifacts are on display at the plantation sites, the remaining items are stored at the curation facility. The CRCNHP is comprised of the two plantation sites.

5. Ease of Finding Information

The websites listed were rather easy to find, but did not provide a description of the curation facility nor did they list Ms. Laura Gates as the superintendent. I found Dusty’s name mentioned in the NCPTT website article.

6. Quality/Quantity of Information

While information about the plantation sites are readily available, I did not find any information on the curation facility itself. I was able to provide a description because I worked there in the past.

7. Visitor Expectations Based on Available Information

Visitors that have not been to the curation facility may not know what to expect unless they have visited another curation facility elsewhere.

Natchitoches Preservation Network

1. Resources Consulted

Natchitoches Preservation Network

Natchitoches Preservation Network Facebook Page

2. Location

Natchitoches Preservation Network

3. Owner/ Manager

Jeffrey Guin

Jeffery Guin

Public Information Officer at National Center for Preservation Technology & Training

Alexandria, Louisiana Area

4. Site Description

This network joins people interested in preservation in Natchitoches and other areas. It allows members to share information about projects and methods in the preservation community. The information is shared using blogs and video.

5. Ease of Finding Information

The web did all the work, very easy to find information on the network, as well as, Mr. Jeff Guin.

6. Quality/ Quantity of Information

Plenty of information available especially since it is a web based network.

7. Visitor Expectations Based on Available Information

The site will provide information on ongoing and upcoming events. I am already a member of the Natchitoches Preservation Network, although I rarely seek information from the site. I should probably try more often.


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